Spa Marvel Cleanser

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Spa Marvel Cleanser is an extremely effective pipe cleaner and is used to prep your spa or hot tub before using Spa Marvel Water Treatment. Spa Marvel Cleanser cleans away the chemical and residue buildup in pipes and pumps and prolongs life of spa and hot tub equipment. Spa Marvel Cleanser is 100% safe for you, your family and the environment. It is the perfect way to clean your spa & hot tub before using Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner.

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Step #1.
Remove filters. You will not harm your tub by operating it with the filters out.

Step #2.
Add one full bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser into the existing water. Spa Marvel Cleanser performs much better in warmer water than in colder water. Run jets on high for at least 1 hour and then allow to circulate for an additional 23 hours. It is important that the Spa Marvel Cleanser circulate in the spa water. If the pumps are not on, the water is not circulating. If your spa does not run continuously, you may need to leave the Cleanser in for longer periods of time. i.e. if your spa circulates 12 hours a day, leave the Cleanser in for 2 days. 12 hours X 2 days = 24 hours of circulation. It is OK to leave the Spa Marvel Cleanser in the spa for longer than one day.

Warning? Do not use the spa during the cleansing process.

Step #3.
Repeat before every drain and refill.

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